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The King Says:
"Before I get into defining the various types of assholes that exist within the kingdom, there are a couple of facts that I would like to get out of the way first. Number one, no two assholes are alike. That's right, just like pretty little snowflakes, each asshole is totally unique unto itself. Maybe someday instead of being fingerprinted, we'll be assholeprinted. Huh. Number two, although the same asshole can take on many different forms, when deciding what type of asshole a girl has, I pick a description that I feel fits her asshole the best. Yes, a Pink Pucker, for example, can somtimes also have characteristics that might put it into the Crinkly Wrinkly category, but that's where my being The King comes in. I will ultimately decide where I think it belongs, because afterall, this is my kingdom, and that's why they pay me the big bucks (a free membership to this site!)"
Asshole Types:
Crinkly Wrinkly: The Crinkly Wrinkly, also sometimes called the Balloon Knot, is one of the more unique looking assholes. Although most assholes could be considered "puckered", the CW has a little more skin to go around, which when applied to a nice tight asshole, gives it that classic puckered look. Examples of AssholeKingdom subjects with a CW include: Alexis, Scout
Pink Pucker: The Pink Pucker is defined mostly by its...well, pinkness. Its pink shade usually helps it to stand out significantly from its surrounding area, like a well placed target demanding your full and immediate attention. The PP is often considered to be the most girlie looking a-hole. Examples of AssholeKingdom subjects with a PP include: Alex, Brittney
Rising Ring: The Rising Ring is probably the easiest hole to identify. The rising ring of flesh surrounding the anus gives it its official name, but is also sometimes affectionately called "asslips". Examples of AssholeKingdom subjects with a RR include: Becca, Sachi
Winking Star: Step one when identifying a Winking Star is to make sure it's not actually a Crinkly Wrinkly. Once you've been able to determine that, it all comes down to one thing. The folds of skin or "wrinkles" must all fan out from one central point, the anal opening, in straight lines, which give it its star-like look. Examples of AssholeKingdom subjects with a WS include: Gala, Leila